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Wednesday 24 Jan 2018
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Support language development and communication

The words chosen for the Off We Go! series are based on everyday language and words you and your child are likely to hear. The words are practical and useful. Please feel free to change the words in the books for words that you would use.

One of the ways we communicate with Stephen is through the use of a scheduling board, in other words a piece of Velcro with pictures/symbols/photos stuck to it. In many ways, the Off We Go! books are an extension of our scheduling board. By using the books, we can communicate with Stephen what is likely to happen when we go to a particular place like the cinema or experience like going to the doctor.

I have used a clock symbol to show a period of waiting or time up.

For learning and language development, it helps to have something that your child can relate to in their everyday life.

http://www.dotolearn.com/ is a great website with excellent resources on visual scheduling.


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